Scale Pursuit Models designs and manufactures a unique way to build giant-scale models. Our patent-pending construction method brings together two materials for the first time in model aviation; expanded polypropylene (EPP) airframe components and molded polycarbonate skins. The net result of our quick-build construction method provides our customers with the most durable model in the industry with aesthetics that recreate the look of full-sized aircraft -even the subtle undulations in the surface (found in riveted, aluminum panels) are replicated. This translates into unsurpassed value for our customers. We plan to release a variety of scale models including warbirds, civilian and jet aircraft. These kits will very closely match the full-sized aircraft to the best of our ability. We have an 84" sport model, the P-73 Stallion, under development with an anticipated release in early 2010.

T-34C Turbo Mentor

Now Available


T-34C Turbo Mentor. Quick-build kits are $750.00 NEW PRICE!

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Model Specifications: T-34C manual .pdf (41MB)
*Wing Span: 89”          *Length:  76”
*Wing Area: 1270 *Wing Volume: 1.22 cu.ft.
*Weight: 29 – 32 lbs       *Airfoil: S8036/8037
*Volumetric Wing Loading: 22-24.5 lbs./cu.ft.
*Power Requirement: 4-5 hp gas or glo  

Model Features:
*Expanded polypropylene foam fuse, wing and tail
*Fuse is pre-shaped via CNC machining, including interior cavities for radio gear and cockpits
*Highly detailed molded polycarbonate skins deliver scale realism no ARF model can match                   
*Two piece wing design and removable stab
*Inner and outer gear doors
*Laser cut wood                     
*Fiberglass cowl                                                  
*Generous Hardware Package
*Optional air retracts (Robart)
*Other scale accessories available soon

Model Benefits:
*Less pilot anxiety – durable construction lowers the risk of losing the model due to a crash, protecting your monetary, time and emotional investments.
*Time savings – pre-shaped airframe and molded skin details make for a quicker scale build than traditional methods.
*A model you can be proud of – no question, this model will stand out at the field with its realistic surface detail.
*Cost savings – compared to other highly molded kits, Scale Pursuit Models’ quick-build kits are very affordable.
*Highly repairable structure – the foam/skin system developed by Scale Pursuit Models makes for easy repairs and replacement parts are available.  Need only one part, no problem.  You won’t have to buy something you don’t need.
*US-based Manufacturer – Easy to reach, easy to order and Scale Pursuit Models wants to earn your business. 

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